8 Sep 2009

Shaikh Maulana Muhammad Yusuf (R.A) on Unity

The Maulana greatly stressed unity, integrity and concentrated effort. He advised the people
even to travel together as far as possible.
He attached great value to remaining united, but disapproved of forming parties as usually happened amongst people. The Maulana said:

' We have no party, no formal type of organization, no office, no register, and no funds.
Our work is to be shared by all Muslims. That is why, according to the times, we have not formed our people into a seperate Jama'at (party). We are just working on the
pattern of the masajid where people come together from different walks of life and, after having said their prayers, return to their daily chores.
In the same manner, we ask you to spare some time to learn about the Deen and educate yourselves, and then go back to your duties.
Once you have imbibed religion in its true spirit, the people of the world will approach you to acquire knowledge from you and inshaAllah, one of these days, the leadership of the world will be conferred upon you. '

n a speech, he advised the preachers thus:

' When you visit someone in person, with the aim of conveying the message to him,
and you find him unfavourably inclined, you should cut short your visit and go to pray for him. On your next visit, if you find him showing some interest, only then should you speak to him in detail. When you visit a religious scholar, an aalim, you should ask only for his dua's. However, if you find him willing to hear you, you should briefly mention your effort in dawah to him. '

( Tabligh Movement)

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah


Abu Bakar said...

Jajakallah for your this posting.I agree with Mowlana's advice.We should follow his words whole heatedly.We should try to make the Ummah unit not to try to divide the.This is great sin to try to divide the ummah by word,work,writings or any other way.

Muslima21 said...

Wa Iyyakum.
SubhanAllah, you are right. regardless of what 'group' we of the ahlus sunnah wal jamaa'ah should try to put aside differences, agree to disagree and not slander or have enmity with each other. this is the teaching of our akabireen.

Fahim kamtan mirza said...

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Muslima21 said...

wa iyyakum akhee & jazakallah for your comment.

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