20 Aug 2009

Hadhrat Shaikh Maseehullah Rahmatullah Alaih's discourse on Ramadhan

The beginning of it is Mercy, the middle of it is Forgiveness, and the ending of it is freedom from the fire of Hell.


This month of Ramadhan is a month of extra mercy, of special forgiveness, of bounteous hosting, of great calmness, and of great blessing.
These special features of Ramadhan are derived by a subtle use of the word Ra-ma-dh-a-n as an acronym in the following manner:

Ra- standing for Rahmah (mercy)

Ma-Standing for Maghfirah (forgiveness)

Dh- standing for Dhiafah (hosting)

A- standing for Ulfat (affection) and Unsiat ( calmness)

N- standing for Ni'mah (blessing)

Allah Ta'ala's rahmah and maghfirah are special in this month. Dhiafah; one is a guest of Allah Who provides for his servant. Ulfah and Unsiat; affection between one another and with Allah Ta'ala. If there was no serenity who would stay hungry the whole day, and then still perform 20 rakah salah of Tarawih at night additionally? Ni'mah; blessings are to be seen everywhere. Just see what delicacies are placed before you at the time of breaking fast,

Beside the food, there are blessings visible everywhere; in ones Ibadhah (worship) and obedience; ones Tilawah, Ones Dhikr, Ones Tasbihaat are all performed in abundance.

One sees the Mu'min (believer) rising early for Suhoor, and then rushing to perform his Fajr Salah with congregation, eager to fulfill the rights of the Shariah, the rights of Allah Ta'ala.

That great being, that infinite non-particular Omniscient One has seen this small, finite, particular human eagerly rushing forth to fulfill his edicts-such zeal for obedience!-and He has taken him into His fold-The Infinite now sacrifices for this finite devotee.

The pre-requisite, of course, is that this finite human is a devotee of that caliber.If so, then there is no reason why the Master should not be ready to sacrifice for his servant.

( source- For Friends- Hadhrat Dr Ismael Mangera DB)


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