23 Sep 2009

Stressing On The Basics

The Maulana (Shaikh Maulana Muhammad Ilyas (R.A) ) described this method (six points, khurooj, jaula etc) as the ABC of the Tabligh Mission, but it does not mean that ABC and XYZ are far removed from one another.
Those whose eyes are set on appearances are incapable of observing reality in depth. In fact, this method is like a drop of water which finally becomes an ocean.
The difference between a drop of water and an ocean is one of degree. The drop is like the steam which an engine driver gets up for his locomotive. Without that, the engine cannot even start, let alone reach its destination. There has to be that first drop for the ocean to be formed. There has to be steam in the engine for it to move at all.

There are two ways of working. One is to draft the whole plan before the launching of the mission. Another is to start with the basics, the foundations. While the first method is adopted by the legislature, the second is adopted by a movement, for the first method will do the movement more harm than good. That is why Messengers of God emphasized the basics in order that the foundation may take root. In the early period of Islam only the fundamentals were revealed for a long time. It was only with the advance of time that other things followed. Thus a solid foundation was gradually built, without which no edifice can be constructed.

From the Islamic point of view, it is by the grace of Allah Almighty that we are able to work on an individual or social level. Man takes certain initiatives which come to fruition only when Allah Almighty approves of and blesses them.

Once a person asked the Maulana why the Muslims were not entrusted with power on earth. He replied, ' When you are not applying Allah's commandments and injunctions to yourselves when there is nothing actually to prevent you from doing so, how can you hope to have the administration of the world committed to your care? '

(Tabligh Movement)

Assalamu Alaikum Wa' Rahmatullah Wa' Barakatuhu


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Keeping on "tehreek imaan"

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