8 Aug 2009

Masjid-War-Jamaat (Continued)


The details of the above mentioned summary of the issues were presented to Hadhrat Shaikh in another gathering. He approved and ratified them. These details and elaboration go under:

1) Two jaula's every week:

ry to take out Jamaat by every jaula (ghasht) and to augment the work by forming a masjid-war-jamat in every Masjid of the locality through the second jaula.

2) Daily Ta'leem in masjid & Home:

n addition to the masjid, a daily ta'leem should be held in every home so that fondness for the deeds may enhance and then the ladies through their men folk enquire about the masa'il from the ulama to spend 24 hours of their domestic life according to Islam.

3) Three days a month:

very worker should try to go out for 3 days each month taking with him new friends of the locality. During these three days, effort should be made to establish a jamaat in every masjid of every locality surrounding their own locality and thus augment the work.

4) Daily effort for two and a half hours:

hile making a door to door effort for making alive the deeds of Dawah, one should himself remain engaged in them. Two and a half hours is the minimum amount of time. Request should be made to spare more than that and whosoever gives more time, it should be accepted so that the masjid may remain alive with the deeds like the masjid of the prophet (peace be upon him)-Dawah of Imaan, halaqah of the fadha'il, departure & arrival of jamaat to and fro within and outside the country, knowledge and remembrance, educating and training the incoming people and extending hospitality to them-all these deeds are included in it. Do not degrade, rather appreciate, even those who spare only two and a half hours.
Eating and sleeping of the local friends should be in their respective homes.

5) Daily sitting for Mashwara:

o sit for the concern of making alive the pure deeds in the locality. Effort should be made to animate Dawah, salah, recitation of Qur'an, remembrance of Allah, supplication to Allah, worship of Allah, and good akhlaaq (manners) throughout the world so that the complete twenty four hour life of each Muslim is bought in confirmity with the commandments of Allah on the ways of Nabi Muhammad peace be upon him. This assemblage for the concern should be at a time of convenience for all. Listen to the Karguzari (report) of the previous day and make Mashwara for the present/next day. The mashwara should not be too long.

Once, Alhajj Mianji Mehrab wrote some points regarding the Masjid-war-Jamaat and presented them before Hadhrat Shaikh. He perused and approved them and directed to send copies of it to centres of regions and countries. The points go as under:

' To form a Jamaat in every masjid so that it can make Jaula in its own locality and another in the neighboring locality, do taily ta'leem in its masjid and encourage others to attend, go for three days to surrounding areas and start ta'leem in the homes, make necessary concern for establishing salah, remembrance and recitation so that our homes are animated with the deeds of Imaan, faith.

Spare two and a half hours every day to make the masjid alive with the deeds of Imaan all the 24 hours.

If alone in the masjid, be busy with the remembrance , recitation and salah. If three or four persons assemble the establish the halaqah of ta'leem, visit the sick persons if any, extend a helping hand to any jamaat from outside, encourage people towards salah and join in doing good for the locality. '

Jaula/Ghasht: To go from door to door encouraging people with wisdom to the masjid.
Jamaat: To go out in the path of Allah to give Dawah, establish amr bil ma'roof through which evil will be eliminated.

( Syid Muhammad Shaahid Saharanpuri)

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah


Nor said...

to do a chillah every year is indeed easier than to be steadfast in these 5 amaals of masjid. Yet it is actually more beneficial to ourselves and the community immediately around us...i am forever worrying over this,how the work of dunya is restricting my hubby to fully involve in these. Please make du'a for us...

Muslima21 said...

indeed true. it is easier to go for chillah etc, difficult to implement the 6 points and these amaals into our lives. the root of success in dawah and good akhlaq and the simple beautiful acts our ulama have recommended.

in my duas inshaAllah ukhti, likewise make dua for me too. jazakillah khair.

Mohammed said...

As salaam aik kum