29 May 2009

Some important advices of Shaikh Maulana Muhammad Ilyas (R.A)

While meeting a jamaat of the students of a Madressa, Maulana started his talk with the question, tell me, who are you? Then himself replied as:

'You are the guests of Allah and the Prophet peace be upon him.
If a guest causes displeasure to his host,more pain is felt than is caused by the others.So if you, being the seekers of knowledge,go on the wrong track and do not do those works which are pleasing to Allah and His Messenger, then remember that you are the guests who are causing displeasure to Allah and His Messenger. '

o the same students, Maulana said:

' Look! satan is an artful and cunning deceiver, and hunts only those things which are valuable. ( It is only at the tree loaded with fruit that people throw stones.)
When you left your homes to seek religious knowledge, satan became hopeless of your remaining ignorant. Thus, leaving the effort of keeping you ignorant,he has now decided to let you carry on studying but is trying to involve you in his ends.

This revived effort of mine is a weighty mechanism against this effort of satan. It aims at taking the bondsmen away from satan's path and bringing
them to the path of Allah, and involving them in Allah's work. Tell me, what is your intention? '

Maulana said:

' Those involved in this effort should specially meet three communities with as many objectives;

1) Ulema & reformers: To learn deen and to take the good effects of Deen;

2) People not our ( social or religious) equals; We should go to these people with the object of perfection and gaining firmness in deen by spreading the word of deen in them (i.e the more we spread the word of deen to others, the more we will be inclined towards deen too;

3) Different people: For absorbing the good qualities found in them.

May Allah give us the ability to act upon what we learn, ameen.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

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Abu Bakar said...

Jajakallah for this collection.Really these speeches are the source of hedayat for our student of madrasa.Actually Mowlana was great doctor of spiritual disease.Hence he identified this disease and make how to relief from these spiritual disease.