5 Jun 2009

An Excerpt from a lecture of Shaikh Maulana Faqihul Ummah (Rahmatulla alaih)

In his final sermon on the occasion of the farewell Hajj,RasulAllah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said:
' I shall probably not be able to gather again with you people after this day. (On the day of Qiyamah) you will be asked whether i have conveyed the message or not. What reply will you give? ' Everyone replied, ' We will reply by saying that you have definitely conveyed to us all the injunctions. ' The Prophet peace be upon looked towards the skies and said :

O Allah! You be the witness! O Allah! you be the witness! O Allah! you be the witness!

He then continued to say, ' I have conveyed all Your commands to the people and have not hidden any. ' He then instructed the people with the following words:

Listen well! Those present here must convey the message to those who are absent.

HE responsibilty that the Prophet bore was given to those sahaba who were there. They were to convey the laws of Deen to those who were not present. After hearing this, a large group of sahaba got prepared from there for the effort of tabligh. They left for distant lands to convey Allah's commandments and never returned home. They spent their entire lives spreading Allah's deen and did not return home throughout their lives. The Sahaba regarded the propagation of Deen to be the true purpose of their lives and although they engaged in trade,they always gave precedence to Tabligh. In fact, they conducted Tabligh in their businesses. People then entered the fold of Islam by merely observing thei behaviour and practices. Islam spread wherever they went and the Deen came alive in this manner.

Nowadays, we are engrossed in our businesses, occupations, farming and so many other engagements. It is only in these pursuits that all our time is spent. We are so busy earning money that we have completely forgotten Tabligh and have made these occupations the central purpose of our lives. We have begun to serve the things that ought to be our servants. It is therefore necessary that we make that object the purpose of our lives that which the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was sent for and which was placed on the shoulders of the Sahaba after the Prophet passed away. We should make this concern our concern. Although we will still be engaged in our occupations, our minds should be engaged in tabligh. Our mindset should be that we have been sent to this world for Tabligh and although we may engage in business , the business is the servant while Deen is to be served and is the true objective.

Unfortunately, the business today is the objective. We are so enamoured by wealth and riches that we continue opening business after business whereas our businessess need only suffice for our necessities. We need to only pay for basic expenses without usurping the wealth of another person. At the same time,we should ensure that our earnings are lawful and that it is spent for the Deen of Allah. The rest of our time ought to be spent for the Deen. It is therefor necessary to free some of our time and mental energy so that we may spend time in Tabligh. We will then be able to understand the pure lives of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the Sahaba InshaAllah.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.


Abu Bakar said...

Really good writings.please do continue.we should not engaged in earnings in our whole life.We should make some time to reach our din to others.And it should be our main purpose.
jajakallah for your writings again.

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