21 May 2009

Notes: Maulana Tariq Jameel's talk

Assalamu Alaikum WaRahmatullah

Alhamdulillah had the privelege of listening to a bayan by Maulana Tariq Jameel(May Allah reward him greatly) live; and am posting some of what i remember from the talk, which was, mashallah very inspiring.

Maulana started off by relating the power of Allah, and how he is the greatest, all seeing.
If Allah had wished so, he would have made the entire creation obedient to him, following every command of his. Lekin Allah ne humko ikhtiyar diya hain; he has shown us the right, straight path, then given us the choice
Every part of us has a choice; with our eyes we can either see good, or view the haram. With our ears we can either hear music, or listen to the recitation of the quran. If we sin now, he will say nothing. But to the disobedient, let them know that Allah is not asleep, he see's and hears everything.

In the darkness, jet darkness of night, in the blackness imagine thousands of jet black ants travelling along a mountain. of those tiny, tiny miniscule ants, Allah can even see its undefinable footprints; Allah us ke paw ka nishaan dekh sakte hain.

He mentioned the beauty, the importance of Iman. Maulana outlined how beloved a heart full of Imaan is in the sight of Allah, to the extent that it is more beloved to Him than the ka'aba itself.Ka'aba ko torna chota ghuna, awr imaan waley ka dil torna bohot bara ghuna hain. i.e it is a lesser sin to break the kaba, than break the heart of a Muslim with imaan.

Maulana mentioned how we are ever concious of keeping our homes bright and well lit, and do not care that the light bulbs in our hearts have been dead for so many years. if a light bulb in our homes goes out, we rush to bring the light back, but our hearts are devoid of noor and we are'nt worried about bringing back the noor of imaan in our hearts. (noor=imaan.)
We beautify ourselves for others; wear make up and dress up to the nines to impress our friends and others, decorate our homes to impress and awe people, but we don''t beautify ourselves for Allah? What about beautifying ourselves for Him who will never leave us? It is the age when through a small mistake of the mother, the young person will create a huge fuss, and not remember, that THIS is the woman who gave birth to me? a woman can cook everyday for her husband, but one day of neglect and he will be harsh. Maulana said why do we sacrifice our Iman for people who treat us like this, we should direct our love towards Allah as his love for his servants has no bounds.

He talked about our prophet Muhammad peace be upon, how much he went through, and how we don't care in the face of that. He was the only prophet when he cried, Allah sent Jibrael down to ask, oh my Prophet, why do you cry? On one such occasion, our Prophet cried to such an extent that jibrael was sent to ask the reason why he cried so. He S.A.W: replied, i am worried about my ummah. Ummati, ummati. Hadhrat Aisha once asked him to make dua for her, and he peace be upon him prayed to Allah to forgive her past sins, her future sins, and to grant her jannah. she showed great happiness, and when he asked her why, she replied she was so happy at his making this dua for her.
To which he replied, but i make this dua for my ummah everyday.

The Prophet peace be upon him went through so much, the Maulana related. at the tender age of 6 his mother passed away, on the way back to makkah with the prophet, and her maidservant, umm ayman. Maulana said he visited this place when Amina (r.a) is buried, and he says even now there is no civilization near that place. a small, dark overgrown place with short, dark mountains. Imagine a small boy of 6, losing his mother, leaving her behind in such a place.

Our prophet peace be upon him was ma'sum, innocent. He was Allah's beloved. His worry for this ummah-us- was never ending. When he became ill, and the fever overcame him, he made hadhrat abu bakr lead the maj'maa and prayed behind him. one day, he faced his congregation, this great prophet innocent of sins, and asked his companions forgiveness, and that if he had ever hurt anyone in any way, for them to take revenge. he was innocent, yet he was scared that someone would complain to Allah regards him. subhanAllah.
When he was on his death bed, Allah sent the angel of death and he peace be upon him was given the choice of passing away, or living. The prophet before anything asked jibrael to go back to Allah and say, what of my Ummah, what of my ummah. Jibrael asked, and relayed to the prophet what Allah said, ' do not worry' i will not abandon your ummah.' when the Prophet passed away, this was the greatest 'sadma', or most saddening thing to happen. Maulana said it was this dua of the prophet, that has saved us, if it hadn't been for our beloved prophet's worry for us, where would we be today.

Ibaadat deen ka bunyad hain, awr akhlaq us ka chat hain; worship is the foundation of deen, and good character is the roof of deen. without the roof, all kinds of sicknessess can get in. Good character is so important for our Imaan. Today, the sickness of gheebah has not left anybody untouched, no man woman or even aalim. As mentioned, it is a great sin to break the heart of the believer. If we clean our hearts, then we will be true Muslims. Excellent character is one of the completions of iman, if we have excellent character, we are beloved in the eyes of Allah who doesn't care how wealthy we are, or what we look like, or what we wear.

Maulana mentioned around the beginning of his talk, a great woman of Islam. Asiya, the wife of firawn. He said that beautiful people with beautiful homes etc, once thy are buried, are forgotten. But this great lady, who died for Islam, she lives on in the best of books, the Qur'an. Nails were hammered into her body, her skin was peeled off but she remained in iman. when she was hung, she made an amazing dua to Allah; along the lines of ; Oh Allah, i do not know if i can take more of this torture. i ask for protection from firawn. Oh Allah please be mine.' after which she made dua for jannah. amazing, she made dua to Allah first, for her to be him, i.e accepted, before asking for jannah. it is said that when she made dua, she was shown jannah and she died laughing. to which firawn said asiya has gone majnoon, she is laughing as she dies. when in reality she laughed because she was shown jannah. and she will be the wife of our prophet peace be upon him in jannah.we women can't compete with such a great lady, but we should follow her example, strive, and live and die for Allah, nobody else.
Maulana also mentioned that we have no excuse not to be deeni muslims, our excuses of ' oh my child prevented me from praying' our tiny excuses; we will ashamed to voice them in front of Allah when Asiya stood firm whilst being tortured in the most awful ways possible.
we cannot say, we lived in a non Muslim country, we couldn't do this. We have the ability to follow Allah's commands and those of his beloved wherever we are, in pakistan or hindustan or europe. As he said, Abdullah bin ubay lived in madina, in the presence of the Prophet peace be upon him, yet he was the greatest of munafiqs.so it matters not where one lives, but it does matter if we obey Allah or not.

May Allah give us all the ability to act upon we hear, read and learn, Ameen.



Abu Bakar said...

Really it is a good experience to enjoy Mowlana Tariq jamil's boyan lively.I have faced such kind of experienced in 2008,January when he came Bangladesh for World Ijtema.He traveled in one of our divisional city Khulna.And that time i was in the path of ALLAH and was in Khulna.One day he delivered two speech in the city.And i participated in both boyan.Really your this post make me nostalgic.When he was delivering his second speech in the local markaj then i was infront of him and very little distance among us.Alhamdulillah.

Muslima20 said...

mashAllah. yes, his bayan's really are very inspirational and sincere, may Allah grant him reward.

Zubair said...

I was at MTJ's speech at Dewsbury Markaz on Thu 21 May 2009. I've uploaded it to my website. It can be downloaded from www.sajjadnomaniuktour.info/mtjdews21may09.mp3

Muslima20 said...

jazakAllah khair.^

Jannah said...

Subhanallah.. May Allah give us tawfiq. and may Allah reward u greatly for translating and sharing this valuable advice.

Muslima20 said...

jazakallah khair

Chinese-muslimah4life said...

I love ur blog sister and keep working on it inshallah...salam

Muslima21 said...

wa iyyakum; alhamdulillah jazakAllah khair, i hope it is beneficial in some way.
wassalamu alaikum