18 May 2009

The incident of Ta'if

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

When our beloved Prophet peace be upon him was chased out of Ta'if and the street urchins were set upon him, and he was stoned, He bled so profusely that his shoes were wet and covered in blood. In this pitiable state, the Prophet peace be upon made Du'a:

O Allah, to thee i complain for the feebleness of my strength,
of my lack of resources and my being unimportant in the eyes of people.

O Most Merciful, of all those capable of showing mercy,
Thou art the Lord of the weak, and thou art my Lord.
To whom are thou to entrust me? to an unsympathetic foe who
would sullenly frown at me, or to an alien to whom thou hast
given control over my affairs? Not in the least do i care for anything
except that i may have Thy protection for myself.

I seek shelter in your light- the light that illuminates the Heavens,
and dispels all sorts of darkness and which controls all affairs
in this world as well as the hereafter.

May it never be that i should incur Thy wrath or that Thou
should be displeased with me. I must remove the cause of Thy displeasure
till Thou art pleased.
There is no strength nor power but through Thee.

Allah sent down an Angel who offered to make the mountains around Ta'if to collide together and crush the people or any other punishment that our Prophet peace be upon him desired on the people.
Our Prophet peace be upon him refused to punish the people of Ta'if saying,
' Even if the present population does not accept Islam, perhaps their children might.'

And subhanAllah, they did.

Therefore we must never give up or lag in the work of Dawah InshAllah.


mutakalim said...


"when the going get tough, the tough get going..."

Abu Bakar said...

Really it is a all time a good example what should be the attitude of Daee'illallah.We should never become disappointed when people deny us during dawah.We should always dua for the people and make dua for us although they behave rudely with us.

Jajakallah for the post.After many day's this posting published.Please try to be more regular.

rahba81 said...


O Allah please chose me and all the muslim's around the world to continue the dakwa'..

This story is the most i'd love to hear/read again and again coz it bring a jazbah on me..


Muslima20 said...

mashAllah. JazakAllah Khair for the comments.May Allah give us the ability to remain steadfast in this effort. InshAllah will try to post on a more regular basis.