5 Apr 2009

Tabligh; Nabiyon Ka Kaam?

We always hear that 'Tabligh' is the work of the Ambiya (alaihimus salam). Is this true?

Ambiyaa (a.s) came to the world to link mankind to the creater; to show mankind which actions are good, leading to the pleasure of Allah and which actions result in the wrath of Allah and to Jahannam. Every prophet of Allah from Adam (a.s) to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) called mankind to what we term as usul al deen. These are:
  • Tauheed
  • Risaalah &
  • Aakhirah
However, if we carefully study the stories of the Ambiya (a.s) in the Qur'an, two statements are made repeatedly by the Ambiya (a.s). These are:

  • Fear Allah
  • We ask of you no remuneration (wages) over preaching because our wage (reward) is with Allah.
There are two types of fear:

  • Fear resulting from fright, the end result of which is solely and only linked to harm & injury.
  • Fear created by love, respect and remorse at anger created and punishment incurred.
We do not fear Allah as one fears a lion. This type of fear is not implied.

Stemming from one's love, respect and honour for one's parents or teacher, one does not want to do anything contrary to their directives because of 'fear' of their anger or punishment. This type of fear is implied. The other important aspect which all the ambiya (a.s0 made clear was that they recieved no remuneration for preaching, propagating and inviting towards the pleasure of Allah.

In the entire world, there is currently no other group of people bigger than the tabligh jamaat that goes door to door, village to village, town to town, province to provice, city to city country to country and continent to continent trying hard to link the creation with the Creator, calling towards good, learning, teaching, promoting adherence to the practice of the sunnah and doing much more with their own money, without asking for wages,remuneration, votes and with no other ulterior motive. Any reasonable person can observe the striking resemblance between the work of the Ambiya (a.s) and that of the Tabligh jamaat.

When the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) is the last and final Messenger of Allah, the work, duty and responsibility of Nabuwwah has to carry on. The Tabligh Jamaat is definitly fulfilling a major aspect of continuing the work of prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). Some people sceptically & sarcastically ask how one can classify the duty of inviting towards good as work. We say, that in today's world when examining faeces under the microscope is classified as work, why does one not want to classify the work of Amibya alaihimus salam, as work?

wa'alaikum salam wa rahmatullah


ummi said...

Masya Allah sister, good explainatation. Can i copy and paste it on my blog?

May Allah rewards us and everybody and may Allah keep us in this work of dakwah until our last breath.

Muslima20 said...

wa iyyaki.

sure no problem.
Ameen to the dua.

Anonymous said...

Jazakallah, nice post.

And in case you don't know about it already, here is a site with nice bayans:


Muslima20 said...

wa iyyakum

jazakAllah khair.

Abu Bakar said...

Really good judgement about the tabligi work.I am agree with you,I am also engaged with this dini mehonot(work) for last 7 or 8 years.And really i think it is the mehonot of The Prophot(SW).As it demands no reward of their workings from the creation.I think you will continue your this kind of writings.I am waiting for your next publishing.

Muslima20 said...

jazakAllah khair. may Allah keep us all steadfast on this effort and stay true to it, ameen.

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