21 Mar 2009


The respect for the sayings (Ahadeeth) of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him should prevent our attention from being diverted towards anyone else. Real urge for Deen is developed by listening to the virtues. A true urge induces action. Coherence between knowledge and action is created. Read in such a fashion that the listener's hearts become receptive. Do not add anything from your own side. They are to be influenced by the words of Allah and his Messenger peace be upon him. If it is felt that they have not understood a certain word or a passage, it can be explained in simpler words. Memorizing a passage is not the same as understanding it.

Hadeeth consists of do's and dont's. The measure for understanding is the development of an urge after listening to the virtues. If one has indulged in a proibited deed, the doer repents after hearing the admonitions and if Allah has kept him safe, more firmness is inculcated.

(Insight into Dawah & its understanding & cognition
Syed Mohammad Shahid Saharanpuri)

May Allah give us the ability to sit for daily ta'leem, ameen)


Ammar said...

valuable advice. the people who listens to ta'leem should listen as they are listening for them as for the first time eventhough they would have heard it many times. there are lot to learn from that. that is the essence of the Ta'leem.

Muslima20 said...

mashallah, true.
jazakallah khair.