2 Mar 2008

Why The DisUnity Of The Ummah?

Relating a saying of Hadhrat Ji (Rahmatullah Alayh), a person says-:

" The sahabah ( companions of the Prophet) had won over even strangers and disbelievers whilst today we have estranged our own people referring to them as strangers to such an extent that a muslim, in spite of hailing from our fraternity, has become a complete stranger and enemy to us. On the other hand, the Sahabah used to refer to even the disbelievers as their own people thereby rendering them as such, whereas today we refer to our own people as enemies and have consequently made them such. We have to meet the people by going out in Jamaat and refer to them as "Our" people. Once we refer to them as our people , they will automatically affiliate with us. This in turn will pave the way to the unity of the Ummah. "

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