1 Mar 2008

The Benefits Of Dawah & The Repulsion Of A Misunderstanding

Words of Hadhrat Maulana Yusuf (Rahmatullah Alayh)

ne misunderstanding that has sprouted up in the community is that many consider the Dawah activity to be for the invited only, and not for the inviter himself, and that since Dawah has reached everyone, there is practically no need for Dawah at this moment in time. This is a gross misunderstanding. If the invited is impressed by a single session of Dawah of the inviter and relinquishing his past, he enters the fold of Islam, one can imagine the extent to which his impact and Yaqeen (belief) would develop if he (the inviter) consistently engages in Dawah.

Abandoning the Dawah activities has not only led to a total termination of Dawah amongst the Non-Muslims but it has deprived the Muslims of the dynamism of belief and excellence they once enjoyed due to their engagement in this field. Not only are they deprived of excellence but owing to their endeavor contrary to it, belief has slowly dissipated from their hearts. Another common fallacy is that the work of Dawah should be extended to Non-Muslims alone. Whereas just as non-Muslims are invited towards Islam, Muslims are invited to Imaan (faith) and A'amal (good deeds). As Prophet Musa used to invite Pharaoh to accept Islam whilst inviting the Bani-Israel towards Imaan (belief), Salah (prayer), Tawakkul (trust in Allah), salvation from all calamities and towards attaining success in both the worlds.

The intrinsic qualities of Dawah-i.e the strengthening of Yaqeen (belief)- can be achieved by extending Dawah to Non-Muslims, in the same way, it can be attained by extending it to fellow Muslims as well.


safraz said...

mashallah, good website and beneficial information, keep up the good work under a different identity. Allah knows best but the elders discourage the use of internet and computers for this work (dawat&tabligh).

Binte Tablighi said...

JazakAllah khair brother. the elders discourage the promoting of ijtema, tablighi events etc on the internet, or through posters etc, not the sharing of information of tabligh. as you will see there are many blogs/sites by tablighis out there; again, not to announce events etc, but to share information about tabligh. also, i am writing these blogs anonymously, so i do not understand what you mean a different identity. please elaborate inshAllah? again, jazakAlah for the kind comment.

Mohammed Amer Ali said...

My dear Brother firsly I would pray almighty Allah for ur prosper, for such efforts and contribution. JazakAllah Qair

secondly dear I was starnge to see that no need for dawah.
Brother here we differtiate that we need to have dawah for non-muslims
and islah for our muslims which includes all our activities...
All this efforst are for us not for the one whom we invite or give dawah.
And Dawah is the need of the hour. How can we expect that enemies of islam .... will know about of Islam unless we haven't introduced them
about Islam. If through our Dawah we fail to revert them to Islam(since it is obviously from Allah. Hidayah) no matter we will give them idea that Islam is not the religion of terror as they believe Its a religion of peace
overall they will not be abu jahal they will become atleast abu Talib. InshaAllah,

To my surprise,
our friend is saying that we should not use net and other medium to propogate Islam. Don't we remember the history of Islam
How ulema worked with their pen when Akbar Introduced Deen-eilahi.
did we forget the great scholar fought with his pen against khadiyanis.. and did we forget the contributions of shah wali ullah dehelwi.
this are just simple examples.
There is a lot in history how people used their all efforts to contribute for Islam
and net is the greatest medium and also a great gift to introduce and propogate Islam.

JazakAllah Qair brother
May Allah bestow you in this dunya and aqirah.