7 Mar 2008

When will this Deen become 'our' Deen?

Today man considers everything to belong solely to him. This is why when he is asked whose property, shop or farm this is, he replies:- ' It belongs to me. '
Now, since he considers these things to belong to him, he toils at it ever ready to sacrifice his life and wealth behind it. Similarly, when asked who the Deen (religion;Islam) belongs to, he answers ' It belongs to me! '
In spite of attributing it to himself, he fails to exert himself behind Deen as he does in pursuit of the Dunya (world). This is why he does not spend his life nor wealth in it's path nor does he sacrifice a fraction of his time for Deen. What is the reason for this?
After all, he sacrifices everything for the Dunya but nothing for the Deen! The main reason is that he does not consider Deen to belong to him as he considers the Dunya to belong to him. If he does consider Deen to be his own as he considers the Dunya, then the plight of the Muslims and the 'plundering' of Deen and the violation of the laws of Allah Ta'ala will on no account let him rest in peace. Hence, spread the Deen. Engage In Dawah.

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