7 Mar 2008

Appeal to the older-workers

Following a discourse delivered by Hadhrat Ji Maulana Yusuf Saheb at a certain Ijtema
(conference/gathering), the entire gathering except a few submitted their names to go out in Jamaat. As the older workers met Hadhrat Ji after the Du'a, they remarked-:
' Today you seniors would surely be overjoyed since everybody has submitted their names. '
When everyone remained silent, Hadhrat Ji said-:
' I will answer that. I fear a great danger lurking behind the eagerness of these new workers. They are all set to work whereas the older workers have all complacently put up their feet to as they witness the new Da'ees (propagaters of faith) coming into the field. Now who will guide these new Da'ees? '

Basically Hadhrat Ji's message was that the elders of Tabligh should remain true to the work and guide the new comers so as they do not go astray. We have many elders alhamdulillah, some great Wali's of Allah, whose advice should not be taken lightly or cast aside.

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