15 Mar 2008

How should students go out in Jamaat?

Addressing a group of students, an Ameer of one of the Jamaats. observed;
" Whenever the students are requested to go out in Jamaat (to go away for a few days to do Dawah), they decline on the pretext of their parents not permitting them to go out. This is indeed correct. However, we should ponder over the reason they don't concede to their childrens request. The main reason is that they are not familiar and acquainted with this mission. So how do you expect them to permit their children to go to Jamaat?

Notwithstanding this, on many occasions it has been witnessed that parents wont permit their sons to pursue Islamic studies, but because the student holds his studies in high esteem, he accordingly moulds their minds and eventually gains their consent as well.

If a student holds this mission in high esteem, he would definitely endeavour to teach his family as well. However, instead of considering this Fikr (concern), he makes lame excuses. His attitude displays that grandeur and eminence of this mission has failed to strike his heart as yet. This is why he employs their refusal as a ruse for not participating in Jamaat.

A student is such that if he really wants others to comply, he will try his best to see that people understand his aim. If by chance, his pocket money is less than he needs, he knows he has to work for it. He employs all his efforts in achieving what he wants. Hence, we deduct that a student is quite conversant with the art of gaining his parents consent provided he holds his objective in high esteem.

Friends! Why wont your housefolk grant you permission? You should try your best to make them appreciate the necessity and beauty of Dawah. You do need to ask them for expenses to go out to teach the Deen, and to learn. Decrease your monthly expenditure and save a little according to your capacity. In this way, once you utilise these savings to go out in Jamaat and your housefolk realize that you are not asking for extra money, they are bound to grant you permission. Parents are not bewildered with anything new but once they become conscious of the fact that the latest pursuits of their children entails a strain on their budget, they tend to become disconcerted. Consequently, instead of sending money to go out in Jamaat, they send money to return home saying:- " You have already qualified as an Aalim. Continue Tabligh from home.Once you start earning then you may go out in Jamaat. "
Such a person will be unable to carry out this mission from home simply because of his lack of enthusiasm and experience. Even if he does attempt to do something, his lack of experience and spirit will not permit him to remain steadfast.

Remember! The Ummah will naturally adopt a degree of Deen in conformity to the Mahaul (Deeni atmosphere) surrounding it. Hence, every student is compelled to try and develop a Deeni atmosphere. He should endeavour to gain his parents approval and sacrifice his valuable time for this great Deeni endeavour whilst making Dua that all the housefolk, neighbors, local residents and thereafter the entire Ummah turn to religiousness and piety. Allah Almighty will be swift in opening out the pathways of this mission of spreading the Deen and peace and learning in our favour.
InshAllahu Ta'ala.

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