29 Apr 2014

Tabligh & Ta'lim

Assalamu Alaikum WaRahmatullah

Shaikh Mufti Azeezur Rahman Bijnori writes;

Shaikh Maulana Muhammad Yusuf began teaching whilst he was a student. This remained
his beloved occupation until the end of his life. He spent the time which remained thereafter lecturing,
supervising the movement of Jamaats, writing and teaching students.

Once i complained to him that i was tired of teaching. I wished to place my responsibility of teaching on
some capable person so that i could proceed in the path of Allah for a few days. On hearing this he said,
" Never. Before Tabligh you should teach and after Tabligh also you should teach. People say that we are against the running of Madaaris. This is an error on their part. We regard teaching Islam as one of the fundamental duties. Our involvement in teaching proves this. We wish involvement in teaching to be combined with Tabligh. "

( Biography of Maulana Muhammad Yusuf- Amire Tabligh p. 77)

Wa'alaikum Salam Wa Rahmatullah


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