6 Aug 2009

Issues of Masjid-Wa-Jamaat

Hadhrat Shaikh Maulana Inamul Hasan used to invite the attention of his co-workers in Tabligh , belonging to every place, that the Muslims in any village and region may not be negligent towards Salah. He wanted such a strong effort to be made that in general the attention of the Ummah was turned towards the Masjid. To achieve this goal the decision to form a Majid -Wa - Jamaat in every Masjid created great effects.
Through this Jamaat, same work started in every Masjid which was being done in Markaz Nizamuddin. Consequently, in place of a single Jamaat of three days from a halaqah, now every week or at least twice a month, three day Jamaats are going out. With this system, evolved By Hadhrat Shaikh, the Masjid-wa- Jamaat in every Masjid is emerging to be a single dynamic unit.

Regarding the issues decided about and method evolved for the Masjid-wa-Jamaat by Hadhrat Shaikh in his lifetime, an old and responsible worker of Dawah and tableegh writes in his memoirs:
" IN November 1994 (Jamadi'al ula, 1415) after Esha salah at Nizamuddin, HadhratJi rua in a Mushwara, fixed up the following issues about the Masjid-wa-jamaat:

  • Two Joula every week
  • Daily ta'leem at home & in the Masajid
  • Three days a month in Jamaat
  • Two & a half hours daily effort
  • Daily mushwara i.e to sit for the concern to make alive the pure deeds (good deeds) in the locality.
The details of the above mentioned summary of the issues were presented to Hadhrat Shaikh in another gathering. He approved and ratified them.

(To be continued- If any of these things do not make sense to new readers, please take the time to read earlier posts inshaAllah.)

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

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