3 Jul 2009

Stress on positive aspects and avoidance of negative attitude

It was customary with Shaikh Maulana Inamul Hasan (Rahmtullah alaih) to avoid every aspect and attitude having a negative and destructive side in it. He did not permit anything of this sort even in his talks and speeches. He used to say that as compared to a negative approach, a positive and affirmative style was more effective and the listener would accept the truth more easily through this.
Morever, lesser risks and dangers were involved in it.This was the reason why he neither replied any writing published against dawah & tabligh himself nor permitted others to do it. On such occasions he would simply advise to continue the work with sincerity and devotion and make dua to Allah . Your work itself, he said, would eradicate all the doubts. During the last few years, when some books in Arabic were published and widely circulated, an esteemed learned scholar of deen sought his permission to write a reply to them. He said, ' If you reply,they will give a rejoinder. You reply again, they will issue another rejoinder. It will continue like this and no purpose will be served. Therefore, silence and single-mindedness is better.

Once at Secundarabad, (india), the matter of Amr bil ma'roof wa nahy anil munkar' was bought up. Maulana Shabbir Ahmad (Jangaon) reports; Maulana Inamul Hasan gave a brief talk on the secundarabad ground before a gathering of almost a hundred ulama. A silence prevailed, when breaking it i submitted that some people would say that in our effort only the command for the good is there, no prevention from the bad. Where as the two exists simultaneously in the Quran. Shaikh Maulana enquired, ' What is the aim? Exposure of the forbidden or its eradication? ' I said, ' Its eradication. '
Then he said, ' Look around and find whether the forbidden is eradicated or enhanced in the people engaged in this work. '
The audience of the ulama present there, were very impressed by the talk and later on mentioned it to me also. '

(extracted from 'insight into dawah & its understanding & cognition' )

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah


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