13 Apr 2008

Sayings of Hahdrat Jee Maulana Mohammad Ilyas Dehlawi

Regarding The Importance Of Ilm And Dhikr For Those Engaged In Tabligh:-

All your Tabligh activities will be of no avail if, along with them, you do not pay proper attention to Ilm (knowledge) and Dhikr (remembrance of Allah). Ilm and Dhikr are the two wings without which one cannot fly in these surroundings. What is more, if Ilm and Dhikr are neglected, this endeavour may become a new source of mischief. Without Ilm, Islam and Iman are a mere formality, and without Dhikr, Ilm is darkness. Effluence is produced in Ilm by Dhikr and the real fruits of Dhikr are gained only when Ilm, too, is there. The Devil often makes the ignorant sufis his tools. The importance of Ilm and Dhikr should therefore, not be overlooked in this regard otherwise the Tablighi endeavour will end up in waywardness, and, Allah forbid, you will be in great loss.

2) Ilm and Dhikr are the two wheels of the Tablighi movement. Knowledge is necessary for Dhikr and Dhikr is necessary for knowledge. Without Dhikr, Ilm is mere darkness and without Il, Dhikr is pure mischief.

3) Utmost effort should be made to associate with men of religion, i.e the Ulama and the pious and virtuous persons, with the Tablighi movement and to allay their doubts and misgivings, and where it may be found that they are still unconvinced and in disagreement with us, a good interpretation should be put on their opposition, and their company should be sought with the object of learning from them and partaking of their blessings.

4) Whoever takes part in the Tablighi movement should devote himself particularly to Ilm and Dhikr during his time in (Tablighi) Jamaat. Religious advancement is not possible without Ilm and Dhikr. It should further be done with attachment to the elders under their guidance.

5) The Ilm and Dhikr of the Apostles was under the guidance of Allah, and that of the blessed companions,under the guidance of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him. After the demise if the prophet peace be upon him, men of Ilm and Dhikr are, so to speak, deputies for everyone. Hence, in Ilm and Dhikr we cannot do without the guidance of the elders.

6) Moreover, during a Tablighi tour, a person must concentrate wholly on his special duties, to the exclusion of all other activities and interests. The special duties are: Tablighi rounds, Ilm and Dhikr, service of the companions in the journey in particular and mankind in general, correction of intention and cultivation of the habits of sincerity and Ihtisaab (hope forward).

Note: In the first point the words 'Ignorant Sufis' is mentioned. It is not talking about 'Sufi's' here, but of people who do Dhikr without having sufficient Islamic knowledge.


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