23 Apr 2008

The parable of common-people

Addressing a Jamaat of students, one of the Ameers of a students Jamaat said:-
' The parable of the common people is that of a ram. If you hold it by it's ears, and drive it in any direction, it will naturally proceed in that direction. Today the world-embellished with its grandeur and magnificence- is bent on drawing the masses towards it. Despite this, if we fail to steer them towards Deen (religion) and consider ourselves to be like wells and fountains-in a sense that a thirsty person has come towards a well or fountain-and we sit down at one spot (thinking the masses to come towards us), they themselves will drift towards the world.

Nowadays, whenever the competent are called to endeavour in this field, they decline in the pretext of the lack of time saying that they are never free from learning and teaching (and other madressa activities). When this is the situation, how can the people ever develop a sincere inclination towards the Deen?

Remember that you are not like wells and fountains, but you are like clouds. The clouds themselves gather at places of need and quench the thirst of the thirsty. Hence if we fail to cherish this golden opportunity and we don't focus the attention of the masses towards Deen, they will be drawn towards other nations subsequently posing a threat to our own progeny in the future.

May Allah give us all the opportunity to go out in the path of Allah and spread the Deen/Faith.

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