29 Jun 2011

Maulana Tariq Jameel- Notes- Batley 29/06/2011

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu

InshaAllah i will be posting the notes i made from a talk by Maulana Tariq Jameel today; the talk was directed at women but inshaAllah everyone can benefit from it. If i have made any mistakes in typing up etc then may Allah forgive me. One of the main points he was making was about the day of judgement, but of course other points cropped up during the talk, so my apologies if it seems a little dis -organized in written form. Shaikh delivered his talk in urdu,however my notes are mainly in english.


Maulana began by reciting ayah's from the Quran concerning the greatness of Allah subhanahu Wa'Ta'ala. How Allah has no partners, how there is no one who gives except Allah, there is nothing without Allah, he is the greatest protecter. Everything will end one day; however Allah is eternal, he will always be here. Maulana speaking of death, elucidated how he himself will die one day, for all of us death is inevitable, whoever we are.....yet for Allah the almighty there is no death, he is everlasting.

On the subject of the day of qiyaamah (judgement), Maulana explained how sudden it will be; people will go to sleep with plans for the next day, the kings will remove their crowns before sleeping, intending to wake up continuing their kingship...No one will have any idea that this is the last day....On this day people will be doing their everyday work, men will be leaving for work, a housewife will be doing her household chores, a mother may be about to advance her hand towards her child with a morsel of food....when suddenly, suddenly a fearsome shriek-noise-will be heard, the mother will drop the food and fall, armies will scatter, parents will forget their children, a husband his wife....these great rivers will be destroyed, the ground will shake, the sky will break and fall, animals will be free and loose...
Take off the veil from your eyes, listen carefully ! This world is like the blink of an eye, it is an illusion, think, the youth we have is eventually eaten with old age, The love we have is eaten by hate, everything is eventually destroyed, nothing is everlasting.

Jagah Ji lagane ki dunya nahin hain,
ye ibrat ki jaa' hain,
tamaasha nahin hain...

e will think on that day, is it for this world that we forgot Allah, his Rasool, his deen? For this temporary world, we destroyed our aakhirah, and think how this world will be destroyed! We have sold ourselves, our deen and our aakhirah for this dunya that is nothing.

hose who disbelieve say, who can move these great majestic mountains? Tell them, our Lord, Allah, will cause these mountains to resemble flying sand on the day of judgement, these rivers and seas, what will happen to them? Allah will destroy them, such a fire will be blazed that the world will be destroyed, the mountains and the rivers will be no more, such is the power and might of Allah Almighty...We will all die that day. The angels will then die through the will and power of Allah, Jibreel too, Mika'el too, everyone beneath the arsh of Allah will die, and everything will be destroyed.
that day only those who lived for Allah and his Rasool will be successful, sirf isi ka naam buland ho gaa jis ne Allah ko razi kya, only those who pleased Allah in the dunya, will have their names upheld on that day.
Fot those of us who had belief in this day (yawmul qiyaamah), and lived to secure success on that day, who prepared for this day....Allah will say, you, my servants who pleased Me and obeyed Me, today i will please you. Everything you desired in the world i will give you now.

Everyone shall taste death. Isra'eel shall taste death. Only Allah the everlasting, the eternal, will exist. And he will proclaim, I am Al Muhaymin, Al Azeez, Al Jabbar, Al Mutaqabbir....etc.
That day everyone will be destroyed, the kings, the people of status, dunya ke aashiq, khawahishaat ke ghulaam, dunya ke ghulaam, shariah ko mazaak uraney waley... ( those besotted with the world, the slaves of desires, the slaves of this world, those who mocked at the shariah)...where will they be? Only Allah will rule.
We will be resurrected again... we beautified ourselves in this world, admired our beauty in our mirrors, flaunted our beauty and our youth...how will we be in death? Eaten by insects, skin and bones disintegrated...Allah will resurrect us again, such is his might.
Here Maulana advised to speak carefully, to live carefully, to live to obey Allah and Allah alone.

He, Allah is the King of all kings, he is the King of all things, Allah has no partner, Koi shareek nahin hain i.e he has no partner, there is nobody equal to him ( Maulana stressed on this point repeatedly throughout the talk i.e tawheed) ... rabbul mashrik wal maghrib...Again great stress on tawheed the oneness of Allah, Qul huwal laahu Ahad....Allah has no partner, no equals, no children, he is free from having to depend on food, drink, sleep, azmat wala hain, buland hain, gives life and death, He is the King of all things, He knows of the past, the present, the future, he is the Almighty. O women of Dewsbury and Batley, this is your Lord, why are you running away from him? Your children grow up and leave you, husbands leave you, one day you will die and eventually be forgotten, the name on your grave stone will eventually fade....Allah ko raazi karo, Allahi ko raazi karo, please Allah, obey Allah, only He will help you.
Prepare yourself for death. (repeated 3 times for emphasis).

On the day of judgement, the veils will be removed from our eyes, those things which we questioned, doubted, mocked at, will happen in front of our very eyes. As the hadiths account, that day we will rise unclothed. Ayesha (r.a) hearing this was shocked and asked RasulAllah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam regarding this, concerning modesty and shame, to which RasulAllah explained that No, that day will be so fearsome, no one will be looking at anyone else. The Mother will run from her child, the husband from his wife, etc....we will be worried for ourselves only. nafsi, nafsi. We will be bought in front of the Almighty, and He will say, my servants, i watched what you did, what you spoke, how you spent your youth, how you spend your days in old age, what you did secretly....that day we will be silent. We will be shown the stories of our lives, our deeds each and every one, displayed to us. Aaj sharmindagi se bachne ke samaan karo, kal nahin, aaj....to save ourselves from shame in the hereafter we must prepare....today, not tomorrow. Allah na karey, ke kisi ke neki kai palre halqe hogaye-may Allah save us, that our good deeds are not lighter than our sins.

We need to change our maqsad, we need to realize for what purpose we are here, and we need to prepare for the hereafter. Maulana said, Mujhe faryaadi samjho, mujhe faqeer samjo, main bayaan karne ke liye nahin aaya hoon, main faryaad karney ke liye aayan hoon...i have not come here to give you a bayan, i have come here today to beseech you, to beg you, to please prepare for that day.
Talking of the horrors and punishments of Hell, Maulana stressed to us the fact that we live in a land where the climate is cold, we cannot even take a little heat. How will we be able to take the heat of Jahannam, the punishments, the fire?
On that day when it will be announced, that Mubarak fulan fulan ki beti kamyaab ho gai, that so and so's daughter has been successful....do we not wish to be of those who are successful? such joy we will have that day if we succeed, how amazing Jannah will be, if we succeed, we women will be given the pleasures of Jannah, the lebaas , the clothes of Jannah, why do we worry about these things in this life, why do we sacrifice our aakhirah for the temporary pleasures of this dunya? Our faces will be decorated with noor, our beauty will dim the beauty of the sun...
When she (generally speaking) will be given her book of deeds in her right hand, she will proclaim loudly to her family Iqra'u kitaabiya, read my papers, i have been successful! They will ask how and she will reply, because i believed in this day, and i prepared for it. We will be given crowns to wear, and of such beauty they will be...kya hain Britannia ka taaj, kuch nahin next to these crowns that we will wear. Our beauty will be seventy thousand times more than that of the beauty of the hoors. The hoors are pure, made from ambar and musk....and you are made from earth, grow old, hair grew white, najaasah... yet our beauty will be greater. RasulAllah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam was asked, who is better, the heavenly women, or the dunyawi, (worldly)? He replied the dunyawi women, kyun, kyunke Allah ki bandagi karti hein, pardah karti hein, roza rakhti hein, salah parti hein...because the women of the world praise Allah, don the garments of modesty, suffer, go though trials, fasted, prayed....

Maulana stressed on the Mothers the importance of tarbiyah, Bacho ko imaan sikhawo, akhlaaq sikhawo, sabr sikhawo...he stressed how parents spend their days working, not teaching their children the beauty of imaan, good character, patience...ye bache za'i ho jaye ge, they will be lost. Tabligh mein jawon, apne mard ko bejo, ghar ka mahol banawo, go for khurooj, send your men, build the deeni environment at home. Today so many women go through many trials with their in laws and in marriage....teach your daughters sabr, this sabr will elevate their status, make them strong.
He stressed on the rights parents have over us, Maa kaa maqam kitna uncha hain, that we are allowed to break our salah if our Mother calls us...Jannah lies beneath her feet... waalid jannah ka darwaza hein, if our father is happy with us, Allah is happy with us. Displease parents, displease Allah.
Maulana stressed on what a blessing it is to have daughters. He stated the hadeeth which to the nearest meaning, that the parents who bring up 1, 2 or 3 daughters with good tarbiyah, Jannah is waajib on them. You can have ten sons but you will still not be granted this blessing that is given when one has daughters and brings them up well.
Behtereen musalmaan wo hain jo biwi ke saath acha sulook karey. The best of Muslims is he who treats his wife well. Our husbands also have a right over us, being a wife doesn't just mean cooking and cleaning, but it means being a good Muslim wife, striving for the deen.

Do tarbiyah of your children at home, tarbiyah isn't done at schools so do not delude yourselves that it is. Sab bano namaazi, hijaabi, Qur'aan ki tilawat zinda karo gharo mein, read salah, wear hijab, make the recitation of quran alive in your homes. Laraai he kisi ke saath to sulah karlo, if you have an argument with someone, make peace. it is said that rasulAllah sallahu alaihi wa sallam said , the Muslim who does not make peace with another Muslim for three days, khwa woh yahoodi mare yaa nasaara, mujhe koi parwaa nahin, his salah is not accepted, neither are his prayers. Sulah karo, jo neecha banta hain Allah usko buland karta hain, make peace, even if you have to make yourself seem small, even if you are right, because Allah will elevate those who are humble. koi bi be izzati karey to chup ho jawo, maafi main khushi hain, if someone disrespects you, stay silent, there is goodness in forgiveness, not revenge. Musalmaan ka dil saaf ho na chahiye, gheebat na karo, shikaayat nahin, dil ko bughz se saaf karlo. A Muslims heart should be clean, do not backbite, do not be ungrateful.

Allah ke raaste me chalne ki tarteeb karo. Live for Allah, obey him, stay on the right path. this will become your aakhirah.

May Allah give us the ability to act upon whatever we hear. My apologies for any mistakes i may have made writing this up.

wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullah.


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InshaAllah I will add as soon as I can, however may take a while as I do not have proper internet access atm.

Sister musaafirah I think there is an option? Allahu alam but as above will check soon as I can:)
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