24 Mar 2010

The delicate principles of Dawah

The delicate principles of dawah

(letter of maulana Maulana saeed Ahmad Khan Saheb)(Makhtoobat-e-Saeed)

Dated: 2 April 1986

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu
The movement of tableegh is structured upon very delicate principles. Instituting them is very simplefor those who aspire for their own spiritual reformation and very difficult indeed for those who areobsessed with the reformation of others only. The principles in question are;

1) Don't ever lose your temper on any member of the consultative body (shura) even though their opinion (mashwara) is unpalatable.

2) We should not decline to proceed to the place decided upon by the shura or the Ameer.However, one should lay bare his condition before the Ameer and the shura.

3) Don't become angry with your wife, your parents or your brothers. Always act with patience andperseverance.

4) Always regard your endeavours and sacrifices as minimal. don't ever consider them great.don't even allow the thought to come to mind that you have spent part of your wealth and life in this path.

5) Develop love for the people of knowledge (ulama) and the people of dhikr wether they areactively involved in tabligh or not or wether they are in favour of it or against it.Confront them with humility and visit them on a regular basis requesting their duaas.

6) Don't ever challenge the work of tabligh with ilm and dhikr.rate all three of them asnecessary. Nonetheless there is no other activity but Dawah to disseminate Ilm and dhikr amongstthe entire Ummah. this is why Allah Ta'ala delegated the ambiya (prophets) as Da'ees.

8) Try making dua unto Allah with sorrow and humility.

9) Don't despise anyone no matter how illiterate or poor he maybe. Don't give preference to the rich over the poor. As a matter of fact, confront the poor with a degree of cheerfulness.

10) Don't refrain from extending the work of dawah to Muslims hailing from every walk of lifeand to members of the diverse sects.

11) Always keep in close contact with people working with you and ensure that they are in close contact with you as well. just as it is important to be united with others it is more important to bring about unity within ones own folk.

12) Owing to certain circumstances there could be a slight variation in the techniques employed at various places. This should not provoke the workers of one area to raise objections against theworkers of another area as this would fail to bring about their own Islah ( spiritual reformation)'as well as the Islah of others. In fact such inclinations of objecting against others may engender antagonostic and retaliatory sentiments. this in turn, would give rise to pride and self concietedness.Consequently, one gets trapped in the words and configuration of Dawah, totally deprived of its reality.

13) Upon reaching another area firstly consult the older workers of that area and then commence the work.

14)If discrepancies do occur on any issue with inhabitants of another area and such discrepancies fail to be solved by the mashwara , refer the matter to responsible seniors. However,live with mutual love and affection and don't become angry with each other not vilify each other.

15) The most excellent person is he who keeps allied to him by employing outstanding characterand tact in realizing this end.

16) The second most excellent person is he who maintains unity and keeps close contact with all.Both these things (no. 15 and 16) can be achieved by he who is humble.

To be continued InshaAllah Ta'ala.
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah WaBarakatuhu


Munir Kangsari said...

Dear Muslima 21, i would like to copy-paste this article into my blog. Regards, Was-salam.

Nor said...

MasyaAllah, these are so beneficial. Jazakillah for sharing them...

No 12 is quite prevalent amongst masturaat...as different ladies spent cillahs in different countries and everyone trying to put into practice of what they hv learned and convince others that is the best way,etc...same thing happen when foreign jamaats come. But I guess, the real 'learned' ones are not involved in these...May Allah saves us all.

Muslima21 said...


jazakAllah khair, feel free to copy it inshaAllah.

Ukhti Nor, true...may Allah guide us to do what is right and keep ourselves safe from becoming arrogant ameen.

Muslimah said...

Assalamualaikum Sister, I left you a comment on the MM forum but wasnt really sure if you'd check it. But I just wnated to ask you if youre connected with the tablighi circile in Birmingham? I want to start attending taleem here and really dont know who to ask for the address. Plus the fact that the house for taleem changes so much that I can hardly keep track. At home, the taleem would always be held in one house. Khyr, kindly let me know.



Muslima21 said...

wa'laikum salam ukhti

im afraid i have not visited that forum in a few years
so haven't seen your message. i am not from Birmingham but i will try to find out for you inshaAllah, if you could pass me your email add would be helpful.ws

Muslimah said...


jazakallah for your prompt reply :) My email address is muslimah30@gmail.com. Kindly let me know.

Thanks again!


Muslima21 said...

wa iyyaki, will get back to you once i know inshaAllah.