2 Feb 2009

Reading Fadhail-e-Aamaal

By Mufti Taqi Usmani

Q: I would like to know your opinion on reading the book Fazail-e-Amaal by Maulana Muhammed Zakariya Kandhhalvi R.A. Many Saudi Alims have issued fatwas on the reading of the mentioned kitab that it contains too many weak and fabricated hadiths and that it is not permissible to read it. Please comment.

A: The books of Fazail-e-Amaal are written by Molana Muhammad Zakariya Saharanpuri who himself was a very prominent scholar of Hadith and it is not imaginable that he had included some fabricated Ahadith in those books. However, it is true that some Ahadith of those books are of weak chain of narrators. But in the case of Fazail such Ahadith are accepted by a large number of Hadith scholars because they do not lay down the rule of Shariah. Rather, they mention the merit of an act that is already proved through an authentic source. Therefore, if these books contain such Ahadith it does not make any big difference and a Muslim can safely benefit from them.


Zeeshan Parvez said...

I think people misunderstand Fadul Amal. The author has indicated his position clearly in the Arabic below.

If you read Sheikh Al-Albani's Sislatu Saheeha, you would be surprised to notice that both scholars have agreed on the authencity of many Hadith. This is despite the fact that one is a Hanaif and the other is a Salafi. Both hate each other.

But when they carried out a scholary research into the authencity of Hadith, they seem to have reached the same conclusion.

This is also shows that the general public bickers for no reason.

- The Traveler.

Muslima20 said...

mashAllah well said, jazakAllah khair for the comment.

i agree with the points you made, however i think the word 'hate' is a strong word, they disagree and the shuyukh mostly treat each other with respect.

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Muslima20 said...

inshaAllah will do

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