9 Jul 2008

A philosophical answer

We have heard that a member of the C.I.D once approached a senior worker of the Tablighi Jamaat and enquired:-
' What is the name of your Jamaat? '

' Muhammad Jamaat, ' replied the senior.

C.I.D :-' Does your Jamaat follow a set of principles or a code of law? '

Senior:- ' Yes of course! That is the Holy Quran. '

C.I.D:- ' Do you have a head-quarters (a Markaz) ? '

Senior:- ' Yes, there is a city in Saudi Arabia namely Makkah Muazzamah wherein stands the House of Allah. That is our head-quarters. '

C.I.D:- ' How many branches does this head-quarter command and in which countries are they? '

Senior:- ' All the Mosques of the world are the branches of this head-quarters. '

C.I.D:- Who is the leader of this group? '

Senior:- ' Our leader passed away more than thirteen centuries away. His name is Muhammad peace be upon him. '

C.I.D:- What is the total roll of your members and where are they stationed in the world? '

Senior:- ' All those who recite the Shahadah- Laa Ilaha Illallah- are members of this Jamaat.'

C.I.D:- Do you have funds? If so, where are the funds? '

Senior:- The money in the pockets of those who profess the shahadah of Laa Ilaha Illallah makes up our funds. '

Note: This is not a temporary solution, but in fact our mission should be moulded eternally onto these lines and effort is made on this by coming out in Jamaat.

This is an all-encompassing movement which was explained by Maulana Ilyas Saheb thus:-
' The aim of our Jamaat is to disseminate amongst the Muslims the Deen bought to us by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. This is our cardinal aim. '

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