13 Jul 2016

Exhorting the old workers ...

Assalamu Alaykum WaRahmatullah ....

Exhorting that the old workers should become a model and set up an example as regards to dealing with people and lifestyle, Hadhrat Ji Maulana Inamul Hasan would say, -;

" Allah Almighty has granted us a great association and that is the one with the effort of Islam. It is a bounty and a kindness kf Allah Almighty that he blessed us with this effort. But also, it increases our responsibility. Since we are giving Dawah to others we should become good decent role models and a source of attraction for them. Our life, daily routine, lifestyle and dealings with anything and everything should cast a lasting impression on them. The more dignified and clean is our life in respect to how we live our life, our character and manners, the more attractive  it will be for others and prove to be a means for their affiliation with this beautiful effort. "

Wa Alaykum Salam Wa Rahmatullah

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